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Outrageous Everything is a Minecraft mod created by Kyle (aka Markyroson) from Markyroson Gaming in late 2014 (around October-November and onward) and released its first alpha (outrageous alpha 0.1) on December 23rd, 2014. Outrageous everything is now available for download. Each release is accompanied by patch notes and known issues are updated from time to time. The to do list contains future plans for Outrageous Everything.

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Description[edit | edit source]

Our goal in creating this mod was to let it loose, break all the boundaries you thought existed, and to challenge a traditional way of thinking all while having fun.

In this mod you can turn dirt and sugar into snow, dirt and diamonds into snow, 9 wood planks creates a snowball, 9 cobble stone creates 1 diamond, a carrot in the top left and bottom right of a crafting table creates 64 coal, 2 wheat and a cactus creates cactus cookies, a milk bucket, sugar, egg, and cactus creates cactus cake,  gold ingots and paintings into 10 baked potatoes. More ridiculously preposterous things to come. :-)

A carrot item set (Carrot Sword, Carrot Shovel, Carrot Axe, Carrot Hoe, Carrot Pickaxe) has been added but is currently not craftable (crafting recipes for the item set coming soon). Ancient Carrot Ore spawns/generates in stone at Y=63 and below. The maximum vein size is currently 10. It is more common than iron and worth checking out (could carrot be the new diamond?? *hint hint*). Mining a block of Ancient Carrot Ore drops a more or less random number of Ancient Carrots which will (in future updates) be used to craft the carrot item/tool set. 9 ancient carrots put together in a crafting table can craft a carrot block (like how diamonds can be used to craft a diamond block) and 1 carrot block can craft/be broken down into) 9 ancient carrots.

Sorry for it being several months since the last update but here it is!

The Exalibur 2 is one of the newest and most powerful swords added through this mod to date. It is definitely one of the ultimate weapons you can posses. Currently it does not have a crafting recipe (meaning it can only be obtained in creative mode) but one will be added shortly. Fools gold has also been added. As the changelog in the most recent version of the mod touched on, random probabilities have now been added to the mod as well and I look to expanding the probabilities at a later date.

Official Project page[edit | edit source]