Outrageous Everything Patch Notes

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You might also want to see the Known Issues page for issues that I am aware of. If you see a glitch/bug etc in or mod then please let me know and I will confirm it and, if I can recreate it or we get multiple reports, we will list it and do our best to correct it.

1.7.10 releases

alpha 0.1

Mod launched. See below for full changelog. Crafting recipe tutorials coming soon.

  • Mod initially uploaded
  • Cactus Cake added
  • Cactus Pie added
  • Burnt Dirt added
  • Cactus Cookies
  • Pigwhacker 10000 added
  • Smelting dirt creates gold block
  • 13 recipes added

alpha 0.2

Mod updated. See below for full change log. Crafting recipe tutorials coming soon.

  • Carrot Items Added (details below)
  • Carrot Sword added
  • Carrot Axe added
  • Carrot Hoe added
  • Carrot Shovel added
  • Carrot Pickaxe added
  • Ancient Carrot (item) added
  • Ancient Carrot Ore added
  • Ancient Carrot Block added
  • Ancient Carrot Ore generation added

alpha 0.3

  • Back end code optimizations
  • Added the Excalibur 2
  • Added 'reinforced sticks' (iron, gold, and diamond are the three types). They do not have any use or function at the moment but one will be added in the future.
  • Added Fools Gold
  • Random possibly of a stone block broken turning into lava has been added
  • Random possibility of stone block catching fire when struck with an iron pickaxe has been added
  • Zombies now have the random possibility of dropping a live TNT when killed has been added

1.10.2 releases

alpha 0.4

Outrageous Everything is now compatible with Minecraft Forge 1.10.X.

alpha 0.4.1

Fixed issue where cactus cake did not do anything.